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The good vibe


The good vibe

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So my friend came into school one day wearing a dress that had straps and the vice principal came up to her and said “You need to either change or cover your shoulders up because it’ll distract the boys” to which she replied “Well I find boys faces distracting, do they have to cover them up?” and the vice principal said “Maybe you should focus in class more.”

If that doesn’t tell you that things are messed up, then I don’t know what does. 

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This is how I lost you.
How our hands became
too tired of having to
pry out the truth
from each others hearts.
It wasn’t supposed to
be like this. We were not
supposed to compete
with one another on who’s
point of view made
more sense. We were
supposed to be a team.
You were meant to play
on my side. But your
competitiveness got ahead
of your compassion
and that is how I lost you.
Because I was too tired
and too worn out
from this game that I
could never seem to win.

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Well. That was one of the quickest character developments I’ve seen…

Are you seriously telling me that all that villainous squinting and peering about is because he’s meant to be wearing glasses

because that’s amazing

i mean thats why i villainously squint

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